We have the best LED solutions to replace incandescent bulbs in RV interior low-voltage light fixtures.

Our Story

Welcome to my LED adventure!

It has been a real adventure both learning about LEDs and making as much of this information as possible, available to you.
During my early travels, before I decided to RV full-time, I discovered that my coach batteries weren't able to support some of my habits. The most important habit affected was reading.  After all was done for the day, I enjoyed making myself comfortable with a book.  But after less than an hour, I could actually watch my lights start to dim.  My batteries had given up already.
Well, that set me on a mission to find replacements for the incandescent bulbs in my rig.  With each incandescent pulling 1.5 amps every hour, only 2 or 3 lights were killing my batteries very quickly.  I knew LEDs were what I needed but that was about all I knew about them.  
But luck was with me when I met Kelly Walterscheid, the owner of NeuTek Labs and  He was at the Big Tent RV Show in Quartszite, AZ, in his all black booth and of course, in his all black outfit.  I learned enough about his LED products during the show to know they were the way to go.  I signed on to sell the NeuTek product line and I was my first customer.  

     As part of my learning curve, I worked with one of NeuTek's Dealers, Sam Penny, and his company,  We worked together for several years both at the Arizona Market Place and with his prudentRVer website. I then went on my own for another year at Arizona Market Place along with my online business at  So, four years later, here we are.   

We are Excited!

We are very excited and proud of our two newest products, 

the HEX-Wedge and the HEX-Flex bulbs.  I designed these two six-sided hexagon shaped bulbs and worked closely with the manufacturer to assure both consistency and quality in every single bulb. I have personally run very stringent and thorough testing on the new products and, along with the rest of our product line, we offer them to you with total confidence.

We invite you to browse through our shop as our guest with no Sign-up or Sign-in required. If you need any help or have questions, please fill out the Contact Us form.  Or you can call me at 716-639-0669 or leave a message at 347-915-LEDS.  

briteLEDideas Home Office

     I am a full-time RVer and here is a picture of my home.  It is also the Home Office or World Headquarters or Galaxy Outpost, for briteLEDideas.  I have  been selling LED replacement bulbs for low-voltage RV interior fixtures for coming up on 10 years now and I have earned my nickname, 

The Led Lady.

Please be aware that as a full-time RVer, I am always at the mercy of the Cell Towers. Again, we welcome you to our new website and hope you enjoy your time with us. 

Thanks much!                     Nancy