Frequently Asked Questions

Just what do you get for your power usage with different bulbs?

Bulb Type          % Creates Heat        % Creates Light

Incandescent                85%                           15%

Florescent                     50%                            50%

LEDs                                15%                             85%

Why use LEDs for RV lighting?

  • Safer  --  hot incandescent, florescent and halogen lights cause fires in RVs -- LEDs do not get hot enough to start a fire or  blister your fingers
  • Cooler  --  LED light bulbs run at a maximum of 165 degrees F, 200 degrees cooler than incandescents and 800 degrees cooler than halogen bulbs 
  • Power Savings  --  you can run 7 LED light bulbs with about the same electrical power as needed for 1 incandescent or halogen bulb
  • Longer Lasting  --  the expected life of an LED is 100,000 hours or about 11 years of full time use; normal incandescents last up to 1,000 hours, about 1% of the life of an LED.

Are there any savings from using LEDs?

Yes!  You save hassle, time and money!

  • Batteries stay charged longer and so, live longer
  • Replacing bulbs is no longer a continuing task and expense
  • Generator does not need to run so much, saving on expensive fuel
  • Solar panels can keep up even if you burn LED light bulbs all night
  • Bugs fly away to find warmer lights
  • Boondock longer and stay 'off the grid'.

Are LEDs dimmable?

It depends on the type dimmer you are using whether LEDs are dimmable and to what extent.

  • All my LED light bulbs are fully dimmable with a PWM (pulse width modulator) style dimmer.  The PWM dimmer works by turning the lights off, then on, then off, then on again, at a rate so fast that our eyes only see the total amount of light.  As the 'offs' get longer, the lights appear dimmer.
  • Now a rheostat dimmer works by reducing the amount of voltage to the lights.  My LED light bulbs will dim to about half their brightness and at about 6 volts, they turn off.  There is not enough power to keep them lit.  With LEDs, the rheostat dimmer can be used as an on/off switch and for slight dimming.

SMD 2835 VS SMD 5050: So what do these numbers mean?

The numbers actually represent the package (chip) size.  SMD means Surface Mounted Diode.  


2835                2.8mm x 3.5mm       0.15 

5050                5.0mm x 5.0mm       0.24

Is one better than the other?

SMD 2835 is the newest SMD configuration and offers the best cost to performance ratio. It is significantly smaller than the SMD 5050, has better heat dissipation and uses less power.

Orientation determination for the B15 to W9 Adapters

Please note the positions of the pins on the side of the base for each combination.

When looking at your fixture, if the notch for the pin on the outside of the socket, is fully visible as pictured below, or if the notch is essentially centered, you will need the Vertical adapter.  If you can see parts of both notches on the socket or if the visible notch is mostly to one side, you will need the Horizontal adapter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the different names for the colors of LEDs mean and how do they relate to the Kelvin scale?

Light colors, their names, the usual light sources and the Kelvin degree scale are all portrayed in this picture. Our warm white bulbs are usually in the 3000 to 3500 degree range.  Our natural white bulbs are in the 3800 to 4200 degree range.  Many automobile LED replacement headlights are in the 5500+ range.

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